Courage has a connection with God

Throughout everyday life, we experience issues as we relax. In any case, it doesn’t get to us until we feel a significant effect, and that is the point at which it turns into a wellspring of concern, harmed, or distress.

Life issues, contingent upon their size, can be obstructs in the wheel of progress, and we will be unable to accomplish our maximum capacity in the event that we don’t figure out how to put our issues in the correct viewpoints.

Despite the fact that there are a number of solutions to our problems, I’m gonna write about how we can overcome problems with courage. Let me begin with these lines-

Come rain or shine,
I’ll bring things into line,
Today, I can bear these problems for sure,
Tomorrow is mine, and of course on cloud nine!
This is some sort of COURAGE.

Let’s try to understand what this courage means. You might have listened to the given proverb, at least once in your life-

    “Fortune favours the brave.”

If we can manage to be bold enough as a courageous person to face problems or failures, there is always a chance that we can do away with these hardships in life. Indeed, we may have rainy days in our life, but we should not panic at all because every CLOUD has a silver lining.

Akram Khan

In addition to that, a cloud indicates that upcoming drops from it can heal mind and soothe heart as well. So, you see, a silver lining is nothing but a HOPE. And, the thing that comes out of this HOPE is –

So, all we have to do is to put all our efforts despite every problem and leave the rest on God with the HOPE that comes through COURAGE. And, yes,always have belief in GOD.

Akram Khan

To wrap up, courage can be a vital thing
as there are a number of other positive things that emerge through this. Because C(larifies)OUR-AGE, we should always stick around COURAGE to hope for the best from almighty God.

Now, it’s your turn to write what courage means according to you. Drop your words in the commemt section. Give your love through sharing. Thank you.
See you in the next blog.

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41 Replies to “Courage has a connection with God”

  1. Courage has really a connection with the god because courage helps us to go ahead in the life.means we dnt let fear stop us….Nice thoughts you have shared with us.

    Thanks you Sir!

  2. I feel like I need to re-read this blog again and again because I just really want to say it not only hopeful and helpful, but let’s say therapeutic, especially for all of us here living under the same roof, for better or worse, in the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, your platform has given me plenty guts to think about moving forward courageously in learning on social media because more people will be “inside” and, on their phones, and computers than ever. I liked the most is the means you put each and every detail associated with each and every letter of the main word. Well, courage, to me, is not the absence of fear, rather it means acknowledging the fear calmly and facing it boldly. Likewise on the same page with you, courage is writing our thoughts and letting the world read them. Also, I appreciate you putting in the proverb and I’d like to add one – “None but the brave deserve the fair.” A hero will have to keep his head for the extra ten seconds it takes, to figure it out. So, yeah. I really appreciate your time effort and information. Thanks for sharing such a great blog with us. I am going show this to my other blogger friends too! See ya!

  3. We salute your writing talent. This is a very inspiring article. You always keep writing well. Always strive for the interest of the students. Your work deserves congratulations.

  4. These lines are really mesmerizing sir!!
    The ways you’ve explained the incredible meaning of the words ‘ courage ‘ , ‘ hope ‘, ‘ god ‘ and ‘ cloud ‘. I love the poetry aswell!

  5. We all are the slaves of our mental thoughts… Courage, brave, passion, inspiration, hope… All belong to our brain… This is what… We want to be

  6. We all are the slaves of our mental thoughts… Courage, brave, passion, inspiration, hope… All below to our brain… This is what… We want to be

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